Know About Winter Mocktail Recipes

Mocktails are always a favorite among all, be it kids or adults. And with winter here, you can have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of fruits in its coolest form by changing them into refreshing mocktails. Therefore, Fruntnherb, the renowned supplier of fresh Aloe Vera pulp juice brings you some exciting mocktail recipes for you to try this winter.

Shirley Temple

This classic mocktail is favored by many and if you follow the recipe belowyou would get a much more kid-friendly drink.

Take a tall glass and place 3 to 4 ice cubes in its bottom, then add 118ml of Sprite or 7 Up, then pour around 60ml of lemon soda or orange juice,or pure fruit juice of any citrus fruit, then add a dash of grenadine for tartness and color. Stir all these ingredients and finish it off by garnishing it with some tart maraschino cherries and lemon or orange wedges.


Though this mocktail is famous for being a go-to drink during summer, the sun can be scorching during the time of winter as well; so be ready to get refreshed with this easy to prepare mocktail.

In a blender take thecrushed ice, juice of one lime or lemon, add sugar according to taste, and 12-14 strands of mint. Give it a whip and pour it over two tall glasses half-filled with ice beforehand. Add soda or sparkling water into the glasses and garnish them with mint leaves andlemon wedges.

Cardamom tea mocktail

Winters call for a cup of hot tea, but what about trying some tea-mocktails this season?

To prepare this drink first make your favorite elaichi (cardamom) chai along using some mint leaves and little sugar along with it. Discard the tea leaves along with the mint ones and let it cool. Pour this liquid into the given glasses already filled with a handful of ice. Top it with some ginger ale and voila! Your drink is ready to be served.

Lastly, if you are a little short of preparation, you can always spark off your mood at any party during this festive season by serving Frutnherb Natural Fruit Juice in tall Collins glasses! So, what are you waiting for? Let the party begin!

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