How to Make Aloe Vera Fruit Mocktail

We are currently living in the times and trials of Aloe Vera; no, I kid you not! Look around and you can see for yourselfhowthis stout plant is ruling everywhere; right from skin products to fresh juices, it is dominating every scenario.

So, if you are scratching your head about howto pour the fresh juice of Aloe Vera into your glass, then you need not look any further as Frutnherbs, supplier of the best aloe vera juice in India, has brought for you novel ideas to not only make fresh Aloe Vera juice right from scratch but also to teach you how to surprise your friends by turning fresh aloe vera juices into a fruity mocktail.

The main ingredient for aloe mocktails is obviously aloe juices. You can either buy pure aloe juice from the market; otherwise, you can also make juice out of the raw aloe gel. After you get your Aloe Vera juice ready the process gets simpler.

Select two or three juicy fruits of your choice, preferably those whose flavors really work well together, like orange with peach or pineapples, blueberries with raspberries, greenapples with cranberries for a more tart drink, and many more. Here again, you have options to prepare fresh fruit juices right from the scratch or buy bottled juices. Mix both the fruity and aloe juices together, you can also add extra flavors to them by using ginger, lemon, mint, honey, etc. according to your taste. Since Aloe Vera juice doesnot have any color of its own, it readily takes up the tint of the fruit juices used, and along with it, it also loses its bitter taste to the sweetness of the fruits and leaves you with a refreshing and healthy drink. Once the drink is ready, serve it in tall glasses with ice cubes at the bottom and your favorite garnish on the top.

But nevertheless, if you feel that making such delicious mocktails are a little intimidating then you always have Frutnherb to your rescue. Choose from our wide range of drinks which has the goodness of Aloe Vera pulp juice punched with the natural fruit juices of pineapple, litchi, strawberry, green apples, and much more. And all of these come in a well-packaged pastel colored bottles, which would also save you from the heck of presentations!

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