Benefits of consuming Green Apple Juice

The fitness freak people like me have a natural tendency to drink healthy fruit juice before and after consuming fruit. We have an imprecise idea of the right timing for drinking fruit juice and get confused with the nonsense suggestions in cheap health magazines. Few days earlier, a patient of mine started to take beverages of Green apple juice and find its taste pucker compared to the red apples. Then quickly changed her regimen and shifted to red apple juice. When she visited my chamber I made her a diet chart including some recommendation of good beverage of a beneficial fruit. It was none but green apple, which can fulfill her complete requirement of maximum nutrients. I advised her that consuming only green apple juice daily will provide her the power-packed nutritional benefits of all assembled fruit juices. Now roll on your eyes to this blog for revealing the benefits.

Benefits of consuming Green Apple Juice

Why do you choose green apple over red?

The bookish knowledge about apple that “an apple a day keeps a doctor away” leads our mind popped with the pictures of red apples. Look, there is no mention of the color of apple. As a nutritionist I recommend green apple over red as I have profound knowledge about the nutritional benefits and normal people prefer regular apple for its sweeter taste. The reasons which make green apple more attractive are:

  1. Gives you a good shape more faster

The fitness professionals always suggests apple juice to the people who regular works out in Gym. Choosing a green apple juice will redouble the result of achieving good shapes in shorter time. Start your day with green apple juice. It has soluble fiber which increases the function of your intestine and helps to control your hunger pang naturally. Consuming green apple juice with breakfast lowers your extra appetite from morning and balances the function of your metabolism. If you work out in gym, it will provide you proportionate calories too. This attribute helps to turn your body into a proper shape and achieve the desired result in few days.

  1. Helps to radiate your skin more shine

Green apple juice works like a magical potion to keeps your skin full of youth. Its rich source of flavinoids and vitamin C induce to avoid free radicals which work as a factor of decaying the cells. This elements in green apple helps to unlock the production of collagen tissue which tones your skin. The anti-oxidants in this fruit juice protect your skin from environment toxins. So, consuming green apples will showers you with natural beauty from inside and your skin radiates more shine.

  1. Say “no” to diabetes

Do you think that your addiction for fruit juice can lead you to grow diabetes? Green apple juice negates your tension of being diabetic. If you are a diabetic patient, then drinking green apple juice will reduce your sugar level. It stimulates the beta cells in your pancreas which induces insulin secretion. It fulfills the requirement of insulin in diabetic patient and no need of intaking insulin by injection.


Green apple is rare in our country and adequately found in North America. So transportation causes a lot of damage in the natural fruit due to the presence of preservatives. For this reason, the idea of preparing green apple fruit juice in house can be flopped. In market we may be duped by the seller as the coloring of fruit is now a days available and it is harmful for our health too. So, I usually recommend my patient to buy some branded fruit beverages which contains less chemical and sweetener. My clients find FrutnHerb Green apple is good for their regimen and affordable in price.

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